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Modern Living in Hampden Hon!

Redfern Row is designed to be a modern reflection of the vibrancy of Hampden with a nod to its industrial heritage. It features four-level townhouses with lofts and rooftop decks, all within walking distance to some of the best restaurants and shops in Baltimore. This is a quiet enclave in the city, surrounded by trees, with plenty of parking, just minutes from Hampden and its amenities. You can get the best of both worlds.

Hampden is a village in the city that features colorful shops, craft cocktail spots, dive bars and some of the best restaurants in Baltimore.

Located minutes from downtown Baltimore, Hampden is easily accessible via Interstate 83. Hampden's Main Street is West 36th Street, otherwise known as The Avenue, located between Falls Road and Chestnut Street. The Avenue is a hub of activity and is located within walking distance. The area is also served by Baltimore's Central Light Rail, with a stop at the Woodbury Station about a half mile to the west of the intersection of Falls Road and 36th Street, and another stop at Cold Spring Avenue. The area also boasts a number of grocery stores to choose from, including MOM’s Organic Market and Giant (both within walking distance), as well as Wholefoods. In addition to the Avenue, the recently renovated and walkable Rotunda hosts a number of new restaurants, yoga studios, a movie theater, UPS store, Starbucks, and more.